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St. Joseph PRC Bottle &
Item Collection

We are still collecting bottles and items for the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Center. There are still about 9 bottles out there from the 25 we received from the PRC. Items and bottles can be dropped off in the east hallway going into the Sanctuary. 


Asking God for Elders & Deacons

We are currently in a season of prayer asking the Lord to reveal to us who the men are that He has set apart to help lead and serve our church as Elders & Deacons. Pastor Ricky has encouraged the church to refresh themselves of the first qualification listed in 1 Timothy 3, desire. If the Lord has laid a man you would like to submit for consideration in either of these positions it is time to ask them if they have considered this and/or have a desire to serve in this way. We will begin taking submissions from the church body beginning in March. More details on that to come. 


Parent Night Out

We are excited to offer an opportunity for parents to enjoy a night out without having to find child care! Sign-ups coming soon! A digital sign up will be sent out today. 


What's Happening at FBC

  • February 17th - Parent Night Out - 4:30-9:30 p.m.
  • February 22nd - Women's Book Club - 5:30 p.m. 
  • March 14th - Men's Book Club -  6:00 p.m.
  • March 21st - Thursday Night Women's Bible Study Begins - 5:30 p.m. - Fellowship Hall
  • April 12-13 - Reclaming Glory Conference
  • April 28 - SJBA Semi-Annual Meeting

Women's Book Club Meeting

All women are invited to the next book club meeting. They will be gathering to discuss the book, "Gentle & Lowly" by Dane Ortlund. There are several extra books that can be picked up at the church. Please stop by the Free Resources Table outside of Pastor Ricky's Study to get yours!


Men's Book Club

All men are invited to a book club meeting. They will be gathering to discuss the book, "Gentle & Lowly" by Dane Ortlund. There are several extra books that can be picked up at the church. Please stop by the Free Resources Table outside of Pastor Ricky's Study to get yours!

Thursday Evening Women's Bible Study

On March 21 at 5:30 all women are invited to join a 10 week study through the book of Hebrews. You can order your book from Amazon. The study will run thru May 23 and will meet in the Fellowship Hall of the church.


Click here for the Amazon link! 


Do you need help shoveling snow?

If so, help is on the way! If you need help shoveling your driveways or sidewalks this week or throughout the winter give Katie Graves a call at 816-377-9390 and she will get you set right up!


A/V Team Training

You may have been wondering who the guy wandering around the Audio/Video booth was yesterday! This is Eric Hite. He is the Technical Director at Westbrooke Church. He invited us to sit in on their Sound Seminar this past Saturday. Joe Beall & Joe Justus went down to Overland Park and spent the morning learning with me. Eric came back to FBC Weston to apply some principles in our context and to help us get set straight on some of our livestream issues. Then, he joined us on Sunday for worship to be sure that everything ran smoothly. Big thanks to Eric and Westbrooke for your partnership! And a big thanks to "Joe Squared" for dedicating and entire Saturday to learning and growing for the glory of God and good of the church! 


Meetings That Happened We Forgot To Take Pictures Of

Building & Grounds Team

The Building & Grounds Team met recently to receive direction with new Deacon oversight. Rick West & Mark Henkel are providing oversight in this ministry. If you'd like to get involved they are your first point of contact! The team discussed their budget and plans to utilize that to be the best stewards of our building and grounds as we can be. Updates are forthcoming! 

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team met recently to receive direction with new Deacon Oversight. Steve Wahlenmaier is providing oversight in this ministry. The team will continue to meet and work with leadership to discuss stewardship, budget, and benevolence. They are working to keep ministry leaders in the loop on budget updates and needs. God has been so faithful!

Women's Luncheon

This past Sunday many of the women at First Baptist met for an informal luncheon. They enjoyed a meal together and met for the sole purpose of working to develop and strengthen relationships among one another. Stay tuned for more opportunities for fellowship in the future! 


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Thank you for your generosity! We made our Lottie Moon Christmas offering goal bringing in $1,521.80! This offering is in addition to the giving we allocate to the Cooperative Program as a part of the Southern & Missouri Baptist Convention. This offering goes to foreign missions through the International Missions Board. Click here for more information!


Coming Down the Pipeline

Easter Baskets for the Community

We are mapping out details regarding collecting items for Easter Baskets for the children in our community! Stay turned!

Vacation Bible School

We have began discussion around Vacation Bible School. We are evaluating curriculums and once chosen we will map out details for a planning meeting on the other side of Easter. Stay tuned!


Pastor's Pen

Brothers & Sisters, 


Lots of activity here at FBC Weston! Be sure to make special note of all of the wonderful opportunities for fellowship and ministry in our church and our community. Also, adding the "Coming Down the Pipeline" section is so you know what to look for in the next "Life at First Baptist" email. These two ministries have been a huge outreach to our community. As soon as we have some final details nailed down we will get them out to you! 


I am overwhelmed by the great work God is doing through this church. Thank you all!


On mission with you,